Saturday, August 12, 2006

They're Baaaccckkkkk!

After 3+ months of living as 'country dogs', my dogs came to their new home today. I went to my parents' house and gave them both a bath. They were soooooo dirty--most of Harley's fur was the color of an Oklahoma farm pond--deep dirt red. I had the back of my car open, and each of them hopped in upon finishing their bath. They were ready to go! After some sniffing around, the dogs have pretty much just vegged. They keep trading places between the new pillow and the cool tile.
Meanwhile, Kita (the Malamute puppy of my nephew's) has been looking for them ever since we left. Poor girl, she lost her playmates. She played with Peanut and did everything else with Harley (sleep, poop-seriously, and eat).

Check out Sweetnicks' site for this weekend's edition of Weekend Dog Blog--lots of cute pups over there!


Jeff in MD said...

Haha - yay puppies! They seem to have made themselves right at home! Max and Spike are the sam eway with the tile...they just plop down and go "OoooOOoOooo, this feels good!"...

I'll have to check out Picturetrail - I love what you've done with this! Great captions :)

Robyn1007 said...

Ah, puppies are home! It never truly feels like home until we have our animals there does it? :)

KBamNewYork said...

AM New York wants to know:
Do you think dogs should be allowed to run free in public parks?