Saturday, February 25, 2006


Do you believe that people or circumstances fall into your life for a special reason? I do.

When I began thinking about moving back to OK, I posted a message on a sports message board I frequent, asking if people knew anyone in the school system where I hope to live once I move. Someone gave me the username of a person on another sports message board and said to send her a message. I did, and she sent my message to the special ed teacher at her school. This teacher then sent me an email with some useful information. The classroom she has sounds very much like the setting I'd like to work in (early childhood developmentally delayed).

Today, my dad was at Sam's Club in this city and saw a family with a son w/ special needs. He approached them to tell them about a camp they may be interested in for their son. THey then proceeded to converse about the boy, and dad mentioned me and that I'm planning on moving back there. This lady said her son's teacher was pregnant and not coming back next year and told dad to tell me to pursue this opening. So, guess which school this is at? The one that the previous mentioned teacher teaches at. I think the person I've corresponded with is her son's teacher. So now I'm sending this teacher another email and hoping to visit her classroom when I am in OK the week after this one. Small world, eh?

Things do happen for a reason. Is it coincidence that my dad ran into this family whose teacher I have previously made a connection with? Hmmmmmmm.


Jeff in MD said...

HI JJ! I absolutely believe it. Everything happens for a reason and in it's own time.

What an interesting set of circumstances!! Can't wait to hear how it plays out :)

Keep us posted, and have a great day.

Erika said...

How fun is that! When things just start falling into place like that, you can't help but realize that you are supposed to be doing what you're doing. That's so cool.