Monday, February 06, 2006


Dinner tonight was simple: Banana and nutella sandwiches on toast. Yum. After that, I had a sweet tooth (something that I've had all too often lately). I made bananas flambe. Too bad the picture doesn't completely show the flambe'. It was a sight--and my first time! I used Jack Daniels, as it was the best thing I had for the job. So, butter+bananas+brown sugar+JD==yum! I was just missing some good vanilla ice cream. Maybe next time!


Joe said...

LOVE that picture!

Ivonne said...

Oh yesssssssss! Anything with nutella is good for dinner!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Joe! A coworker laughed at me when I showed them the picture. "You mean you had to grab your camera???"
I love taking pictures. It's fun. :)
Ivonne--Nutella is a favorite of mine. I eat it off of the spoon or on toast. Yum.

Ivonne said...


I am still too scared to flambe ... but I admire all those who do!