Wednesday, October 04, 2006


So, my 3 TAs and I have been trying to figure out what to dress up as for Halloween. I've never been good w/Halloween. My creative juices just don't flow. We want to do something themed amongst the 4 of us. The three blind mice and the farmer's wife was thrown around, but that might be construed as a bit insensitive because I have a student who is blind. His mom would probably find humor in it....but I don't want to do there. Another is a jailer (me) and my inmates, but that one isn't appropriate either.
Someone suggested a Farmer in the Dell theme--I'll be the cheese! The others can choose between a mouse, cat, dog, farmer, his wife.

Any suggestions?


Jeff in MD said...

I'd probably try to keep it along the lines of something the kids could relate to based on what you teach them in class - like any stories you've read that you could bring to "life" for them!

Of course, I'm not sure what kinds of things you teach, so I could be out in left field!! In which case, I'd sugest all going as baseball players :p

Jennifer said...

Hi Jeff! Our class is theme based and our upcoming themes are. apples and pumpkins. Everything else is built around them...
we'll figure something out