Wednesday, June 14, 2006

To be continued...& WDB

Life is busy right now and I'm not on or around a computer much. The post below I actually started May 20! I have had lots on my mind, just never the opportunity to post when it's fresh.

I'll be back later this summer--probably around when Camp Esperanza 2006 ends. I'll be sure to post my reflections from that magical week. Camp E 2005 is still somewhat fresh in my mind (and it's already been a year?) This year is sure to be a brand new experience, as I'll be in the youngest cabin with 6-8 year olds. I can't wait!

Have a great summer...



Lula said...

OMG. She lives!!!! :)

How are things going with the move? Are you finished with summer school??

Jeff in MD said...

Hi JJ!! Hope everything is and continues to go well for you :)

These pics are ADORABLE!!!! OMG that huge puppy do and the tiny kitties - melt my heart!!!


Jennifer said...

lula--I have 3 weeks left of summer school, with a week in between the next one and the last 2. I love these kids--it's an Active Learning classroom.

Jeff--the kittens are getting much more mobile. The gray/white one likes to cuddle up to Harley and play in his fur. Too cute. I'll see them again in a week.

Lula said...

Harley is such a gentle soul. Looks like a loving grandpa in these pictures. We have a new addition to our family. Got her at 8 weeks old. Her name is Bella Jane and she is a full blooded Chocolate lab. she is beautiful and so good with the boys. She is 13 weeks old and already weights 30 pounds. We have been hiking every weekend and she goes along and loves it. Right now she is sleeping on her back next to the air conditioner vent and snoring! :)