Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Series of Goodbyes

With every transition, there must be that dreaded moment when you say good-bye. Sometimes, even when it's more like a "See you later", it still pulls at your heart strings because though you know that will happen, things will not be the same--in essence, you are saying good-bye to the experience as you know it. My past few weeks have been a series of "see you laters", and I have a couple more in the upcoming weeks. I said good-bye to my classroom, but see you later to my students. I've seen one of them several times since school ended (and it did my heart good to see him continuing to show progress). I saw the twins at a bike rally in my hometown over the weekend--they have gone to camp through the bike rally, so cthis past weekend. I plan on calling the other next week and paying her a visit. Still, it (selfishly)makes me sad to know that these students will go on, continue to show progress, experience new teachers, reach new milestones, and I'll just get to watch from afar. I at least hope I've been able to lay some foundation for their continued successes. I do know that I will see them's never goodbye for good.

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