Sunday, June 18, 2006

Dinner Tonight

Wow, I post saying I'll be back later, and then all of a sudden have time for 2 posts in one weekend? Wow!

Living in another's house is difficult, especially for one who has lived alone for 13 years. It's not my kitchen. I don't have my spices, my utensils, my gadgets. I also can't cook in an unclean kitchen, and lately haven't had the energy or stamina to come home from work and clean before cooking (uh yeah--I'm currently in a fracture shoe do to a stress fracture in the top of my foot. From...stress? I really have no idea). The people I am staying with are wonderful, but seeings a sink full of dishes just pushes me to get takeout! Anyhow, I had a nice country breakfast (after cleaning the kitchen this morning) and then come dinner time, I improvised using an ingredient I didn't think I liked, but decided to try anyway--canned tuna!
Garlic, olive oil, a can of garbanzo beans, a can of tuna, a couple servings of Barilla Plus spaghetti, a grating of parmesan cheese and fresh diced tomaotoes for garnish. Talk about tasty! It filled me up, I don't feel miserable, and I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. I have a new 'quick and easy' idsh to add to the rotation for those nights when I just don't have time nor energy to cook.


Robyn1007 said...

Hey Jennifer!

That pasta sounds yummy and cheap, I'll have to give it a try since I'm really looking to expand my cheap meal options. Hope the move goes well!


Jennifer said...

Hope you enjoy the pasta, Robyn!

I'm so looking forward to having my own kitchen to cook in again...less than a month!

Matt said...


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