Wednesday, November 09, 2005

We Are All Unique; We All Have Our Own Gifts

I've been told by many coworkers lately things like, "You are a saint", "There is a special place in heaven reserved for you", " I don't know how you do it", etc. My answer to other gen ed teachers is that I couldn't do the job they do. Me, stand up in front of a class of 30 MIDDLE SCHOOLERS? I don't think so! That would be a disaster waiting to happen. So, for those who can't understand WHY I would want to work with the students I do, especially those with more challenging behaviors, I say this: We each have our gifts. I consider myself fortunate to have found something I find both rewarding and that I can be good at (I think I still have a lot to learn). Just because you don't do what I do doesn't make me more worthy of the praise like that quoted above. Frankly, it embarrasses me.
Lula teaches preschool, and because I've seen how she interacts with her own kids, I expect she's excellent at it. That's her gift. My dear friend S. in Kansas teaches, most recently 4th grade reading/LA. I expect she's excellent at it. There are those that help build houses, that take care of sick people, that protect our streets and homes, that help advance technology, and even those that provide us with cookbooks and lots of new recipes to try (of which I have way too many): everyone has their own thing that they are good at, cut out for, and/or called to do. I hope you all are fortunate enough to find yours. I feel blessed that I have. :) It's takes everyone to make the world go round, ya know?

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Jackie said...

You're awesome! That's why you're my good friend girl! I love the way you think about the world. There are 3 people in this world who I feel have shaped me into being kinder to others, giving, and are one of them.