Saturday, November 05, 2005


What do I have to do today? The list is so long I don't know where to start. I'm going to bake some cookies to send to a friend who is away from her family. I know I'm making the cookies I posted earlier; I also have a Martha Stewart magazine full of nothing but cookies, so I'm going to pick something out of it to make.

I also need to do some planning and creating for work. There is this cool software called BoardMaker that we finally got and I need to get busy with it.

I have a chicken defrosting and I'm going to make some chicken and dressing either tonight or tomorrow. I'm the new dressing maker in my family (thanks grandma) and since there isn't really a recipe and I haven't made it since last year, I want to practice. It's nothing fancy--just good ole' cornbread dressing like grandma's mom and her mother before her made. Yum!

I cooked in a chili-cookoff last weekend. I didn't win anything, which didn't surprise me because I couldn't get my chili to taste 'just right'. It's one of those things where I don't use a recipe, so some years I get it right, some I don't. This is hte first time my dad hasn't cooked since it started in 1986. He was one of the founders; it was started by the fire department and is an annual event in my small hometown.

Dad has another surgery to go--this time on his left knee. His right ankle/foot/toes are what were damaged in the accident, but the strain of being the only leg/knee to support him has really affected his left knee. Their last MRI showed extensive damage, and it has gotten progressively worse in the last 6 weeks or so. They will also take 2 of the screws out of his leg when they do this surgery. He got the stitches out of his toes (from his 2nd surgery on 10/17) but still has the pins--they are a gruesome sight because they are sticking out of the bottoms of his toes! EEeeewwwww. Physcial problems aside, Dad's spirits were up last weekend. I was glad to see this; it certainly makes me feel good to see him be more like himself.

That's all for now (can't you tell I'm having some writer's block? I have absolutely nothing interesting or exciting to share, hence the decline in posts lately).


Robyn1007 said...

Hi Jennifer! I'm so glad to hear that your dad's spirits are better. How's the new student?


Jennifer said...

Hey Robyn-that was the subject of my next post. See above.

Thanks for dropping in!