Saturday, November 05, 2005

100 Things About Me

I'll be surprised if anyone actually reads this. Anyhow, inspired by Amy of Beauty Joy Food, I decided to make this list, primarily to test as an exercise for my students. (Note now that I'm done: I don't think my students could do this!)

1. I live in Texas, but will never call myself a Texan.
2. I am an Oklahoman.
3. I am a huge OU Sooner fan.
4. I never went to school there.
5. When I lived in FL and OU was really bad and I had dial-up internet, I would listen to the games on the internet.
6. I even did this at times I could have been on the beach!
7. I've lived in 3 states: OK, FL, TX.
8. I met some of my best friends in the 11 months I lived in FL.
9. I have 2 Masters degrees (statistics and special ed).
10. I would like to get a PhD someday.
11. If not a PhD, I can see me getting a diagnostician's certificate.
12. I enjoy working with children with severe disabilities.
13. I am patient.
14. I am hopeless when it comes to keeping myself organized.
15. I can't remember the last time I balanced my checkbook.
16. I am a horrible house cleaner.
17. I often fall asleep when watching movies--either at the theater or at home.
18. I usually don't remember the movies that I do stay awake in.
19. I don't attend movies very often.
20. I work too much.
21. I can't see being good at my job w/o working the hours I work.
22. Sometimes, I don't think I'm good at my job.
23. I love to cook.
24. I also love to eat.
25. I like trying new ethnic foods.
26. When I make cookies, I usually eat the cookie dough raw. Or frozen.
27. I don't like milk.
28. My first job was as a scorekeeper at the softball field. I also prepped the field for play--spraying, dragging, and chalking.
29. My second job was at an Ice Cream and Dairy store.
30. I spent a summer during my college years working in a shock factory.
31. I don't like to be the center of attention.
32. Though I teach, I don't like speaking in front of large groups of people.
33. I worked in banking/finance for 6 years.
34. I knew early into that that I was not cut out for corporate America.
35. I cry easily.
36. My favorite sound is a young child's laughter.
37. I have a brother, but generally feel like an only child.
38. I wish I had more siblings.
39. My greatest fear is losing my parents and being alone in the world. Having that come w/i seconds of reality recently really hit me hard and put me in a funk.
40. My paternal grandpa committed suicide when I was 11.
41. For a while, I thought it was my fault because I didn't go see him that day, but chose to play with friends instead.
42. I am a daddy's girl.
43. Basil is my favorite herb to cook with.
44. I still miss my nephew Dakota daily.
45. It scares me to think that I may one day forget what his hugs felt like.
46. I have no musical talent whatsoever.
47. I never thought I'd leave the state of Oklahoma.
48. I hope to one day live near the mountains.
49. I played basketball my first 2 years of college (at a juco).
50. I bartended in college.
51. I let my little dog sleep on my bed.
52. I used to think dogs didn't belong in the house.
53. I love cool weather.
54. I celebrated my 26th birthday during Hurricane Irene in Jacksonville, FL.
55. My friends renamed it Hurricane Jen.
56. I kissed 20-some odd guys that night.
57. I don't drink that much anymore.
58. I also don't kiss as many guys. :)
59. I am still in touch with a friend (or more) from each stage of my life: kindegarten (Tish and James), grade school (Lezlie and Tammi, somewhat in touch with), High School (Shandi), early college (Tim), later college (Tiffany), grad school (Carrie and Justin), first post-college job in FL (Jackie, Shannon, others)
60. I have difficulty sewing on buttons.
61. My grad school neighbor once suggested that I was social-phobic.
62. I bought my house when I was 26.
63. I can be stubbornly independent.
64. I showed sheep in 4-H and FFA.
65. I am a 1000+ hour volunteer at Children's Medical Center of Dallas.
66. Part of those hours come from 4 summers as a counselor at a camp for children with cancer.
67. In my lifetime, I've known far too many children die.
68. I am a Christian.
69. I talk to my parents several times a week.
70. I was too stubborn to let my parents pay for my college. They helped me in other ways, but I took out loans and worked my tail off to do it myself.
71. I have 2 half sisters that I have met but do not know.
72. A year ago, I thought there was no way I'd ever move back to Oklahoma.
73. Recent experiences have me thinking about moving back to Oklahoma.
74. I've been in 6 weddings, maid-of-honor in 4 of those.
75. None of them has been my own!
76. I love to read.
77. I am 1/16 Choctaw Indian.
78. I love all flavors of ice cream, but Braum's peppermint is probably my favorite.
79. I've only been out of the US one time in my life, for 13 days in Italy and Switzerland.
80. I have visited only visited/lived in 14 states plus D.C.
81. I've been burglarized once, when I was in college.
82. As a result of that burglary, I slept in a room w/ human feces for at least 3 night before it was found on a bookshelf that was behind a door.
83. If I could choose any career other than what I do now, it would be a cancer researcher.
84. I completed a sprint distance triathlon in Oxnard, CA 1.5 years ago as a part of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training program.
85. I also raised about $4,700 as part of this effort.
86. I also did a local sprint tri with friends a few months later.
87. I hate running.
88. I get easily annoyed by people lacking common sense.
89. I get snappy when annoyed. :)
90. I'm still friends with my HS sweetheart (though am really annoyed at him right now). He's also one of the friends I've known since kindegarten.
91. I can sleep just about anywhere, anytime.
92. I have lived alone for most of the past 12 years, but still get scared when at my parent's home alone.
93. Gin and tonic is my favorite alcoholic drink.
94. Vodka/red bull is a close 2nd.
95. I love to read.
96. I have about 20 books in my room that are waiting to be read.
97. I can't do my own nails, so my nails usually look like crap.
98. I am annoyed by the commercialism in our society today.
99. I would like to adopt a child someday.
100. I think I'm boring. I had to struggle to come up with this much. :)

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