Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I'm back!

OK, so I think I may be ready to get back to this blogging business. I still have another blog for school related stuff--anonymous, so email me if you want the URL.
This blog will continue to be random musings--about life, love, the pursuit of happiness, and an occasional recipe or three. I still like to cook; it's just usually the sort of RANDOM throw something together with the ingredients I have on hand. See the random theme here?

So, my summer has flown by. I've volunteered at 3 camps--one for individuals with Prader-Willi Syndrome, one for youth with disabilities, and one for kids with or in remission from cancer. The first two are at the same location here in OK. The last one is in TX (I've blogged about it previously). All were so much fun, but so different! I hope to continue to do all of them.

Let's see, in other news--I've moved schools. I'm going back to middle school and am SOOO excited. The people there have been so friendly and welcoming. I'll be the mild MR teacher. My caseload is about 10 students and I'll be teaching the four content areas--social studies, language arts, math, and science. I'll also have an advisory class full of typical 6th graders. I can't say how excited I am about my class!
To that end, I've spent several days cleaning out my classroom. I think I've eliminated enough stuff to fill a couple dumpsters. It seems like the wonderful teacher I am replacing (after 9 years!) was a pack rat. So, I've been unpacking. And unpacking. And so forth. Wow. I finally feel like I've made a dent in things. This evening, my roomie came up and helped me hang some fabric. It's a deep crimson color and looks great! I've taken some before pictures of the room; I'll take some more once it's all done.
I'm heading back up there tomorrow to continue going through all the books. I'm eliminating a lot of things. As a rule, anything that is older than me goes. Actually, anything from about when I graduated from HS and sooner goes. Anything that is redundant goes. Things that have yellowed paper are gone. Anything that has a substantial amount of missing parts-trash. I think I have all of my social studies/geography/map reading books in order. Tomorrow I'm going to work on the literature books.

That's all for now...it's been a long day.

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Anonymous said...

Middle school AND special ed? Wow. Props to you! I have always said that I would rather teach k-5 or 9-12 rather than middle school - too much hormonal upheaval for me. My favorite are seniors, which (fingers crossed) I think I have several classes of this year.