Monday, February 22, 2010

Adios, Aspartame! I don't even miss ya.

I mentioned before that I am DONE with diet sodas. I am really wanting to get, and keep, aspartame out of my diet. I had my last beloved Diet DP a week ago today. During this last week, I have gone to the gym six times, done two strength training workouts at home, drank four cups of coffee, and have felt all together GREAT. It's amazing. I don't know if it's the lack of aspartame, a different mind-set, drinking tons of water, vitamins, or a combo, but something is working because I feel great. I'm even getting up in the wee morning hours to go to the gym.

Today's schedule went something like this:
5:15 up and at 'em for the 30 minute commute to the Y near my work
6:00 Elliptical (33 minutes)
6:40 Treadmill (30 minutes-ran/walked two miles and my old achy knees felt great)
Shower/clean up at the Y
8:15 Arrived at hotel where off-site meetings were. Yes, today was a bonus as I didn't have to be at my desk at the normal 7:30 a.m.
5:00 Elliptical (33 minutes)
6:00 Volunteer in-service
8:00 home
9:00 Upper body workout (30 minutes with weights/band on the Wii)

I feel great! It's amazing. If I could manage that sort of workout five days/week, would I get skinny? I don't know, but if I feel as good as I do now, it'll be worth it!

Now--10:30 and bedtime! I have more meetings tomorrow and they provide lunch, so no food to share. I will have a new bento up in a couple of days though. :)

Thanks for reading.


Debbie said...

Can't wait for your new bento. Gave us lots of good ideas!! I have some yummy mashed sweet potatoes in my fridge right now because of you!

Don't know if you have tried any coconut oil capsules yet or not. But it gives me the biggest energy boost. Brandon doesn't even need to drink caffeine when he takes it.

Congrats on cutting out the aspartame! Hard to do but totally worth it. :)

Jennifer said...

Oh yum! I'm glad you found some stuff you like.
I will get more bento posts up this week. In fact, I did some prepping today and will do more tomorrow in an effort to further minimize time spent making lunches.

I've been reading up on coconut oil and am tempted to try it. The thought that it provides an energy boost is even a bigger bonus. Right now I just wash/moisturize my face with it, as crazy as that sounds.