Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Sense of Humor is Necessary

My job requires a sense of humor, or else you'll lose your mind. I love to laugh while I'm at work at all the little things that happen throughout the day. Granted, I don't laugh at the kids; it's just more of a light hearted, fun environment. Sometimes, things happen where you HAVE to laugh or you'll throw up, pass out, or some other unsavory thing will happen. I had one of those moments today. My summer school class is students aged 6-15 in the severe profound range. None are verbal; all are in diapers or pull-ups. They are an absolute joy to work with, but there are those moments....
One of our students had a poopy diaper. No biggie. He's not one whose hands wander. Stupid me decided to choose this changing to try and get his pull up down over his shoes. Not my brightest moment. I didn't see until too late that the poopy had spread into the shorts. Oops. Dirty shoe. So, I toss it aside, along with the shorts. We finish the task at hand. Once done, I go toss the shorts into the washer with some hot water. I just happened to glance into the washer..thankfully. There I saw a giant, soft FLOATY! I shut off the water and started laughing hysterically! I went into the classroom and hollered at my friend and replacement at SMS and told her to come look. She did and looked at me and started laughing. I was snorting...teehee. So, being the friend that she is, she went and got me a paper plate so I could scoop it up and into a trash bag. Problem resolved. I guess you had to be there...those moments are the times I'm thankful I can laugh at myself and those incidents that sometimes happen that can sort of throw you!

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Tendersoul said...

Ahh. Never a dull moment with kiddos! There is always room for surprise.

That said...better you than me!