Sunday, March 26, 2006


My hometown has lost one of its finest. A Chickasha firefighter passed away Friday night from injuries sustained in a wildfire at the beginning of March. He was my age, a father and husband, an active member of his church and community. I didn't know him, but my dad is a retired firefighter himself and he did. The community has reached out and wrapped its hands around his wife, children, and extended family. Here's some video.
You may have to register for this one. You can use my email: jennifer dot burnes at verizon dot net and my password is password.

Check out the video for Saturday w/ Ali Meyer, an Oklahoma town remembers a hero. My dad is in this clip a couple times while cooking.

There's one more local network that hasn't posted their footage yet. The community raised nearly $30,000 for his family on Saturday.

As the daughter of a retired firefighter, it breaks my heart that his daughters are living the fears I had as a young child--their daddy went out to fight a fire and never came home. God be with them.


Linda said...

Jen, I followed the updates on the BB and I was so sad to hear all of it. What a tragic story. And yet, beautiful as the strength and caring of the community is revealed in the face of adversity.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the comment, Linda. That is a pretty wonderful community!