Friday, December 02, 2005

He's Walking!

Dad update: He had knee surgery Monday on his 'good' leg. They removed the screws and pins from his broken leg and put him in a walking boot. Wednesday, he took a few steps on his own (when noone else was home-not smart, but he can be bull headed). :)
He can walk several steps now on his own. Yay! I am going up there in a week to see the Nutcracker and so will drive the extra mileage to their house to see him.
He starts PT next week, so will be getting more sore, but he's well on his way to recovery!


This Sunday I will be doing some holiday baking with friends. I'll post pictures and recipes soon after. I'm breaking from my usual routine of fudge and toffee and making some new recipes. Hope they are winners!


Robyn1007 said...

Jennifer that is wonderful news about your dad! Enjoy baking tomorrow.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Robyn! And more prayers your way for your aunt!

Joe said...

Great news to hear about your Dad!!